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Indian students develop tool to map emergency routes

Bengaluru, India: Post-graduate students from the civil engineering department of R.V.College of Engineering in Bengaluru, India, developed ‘Mapping of Emergency Service using GIS’ software. It allows the user to know the location and route to the nearest hospital from the site of an accident.

“We have used basic map data of Bengaluru and created a route map to the hospitals from the accident spots in Jayanagar. Once the accident spot is registered in the software, one can click for the nearest hospital options. The software will show the exact distance from the accident spot to the hospital, and also give out the distance and route map. The spots and distances to hospitals have been measured using GIS software,” explained Pankaja N M, one of the research students working on the software.

The researchers said that at the time of disasters, it is crucial to know the ‘escape routes’ or the ‘response routes’ along which to take the injured and supply of emergency materials.

“Once the roads to hospitals were registered in the software, we conducted a ground level check by travelling at different times. The software can also provide the possible travelling distance to the hospitals. If developed, the software can pinpoint emergency routes for the entire city. But right now, the software is made only for Jaynagar and surroundings,” noted Assistant Professor V. Anantarama, who heads the project.

Source: Deccan Chronicle