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Indian students design UAV equipped with g-power

Hyderabad, India: Students at the Flytech Aviation Academy, Hyderabad (in India), designed and developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It can perform tasks like search and rescue, remote sensing and commercial aerial surveillance. Using Google’s map satellite to guide them, these vehicles put on autopilot mode, covered over 10 km in about 20 minutes during the demonstration.

M. Vijay, Srikanth, Venkat Sai and Vineeth, all students pursuing second-year aircraft maintenance engineering course, aided by two pilots, developed the project. Captain Mamatha, chief flying instructor and Executive Director, Flytech Aviation Academy, said, “The project was designed to enable students understand the nuances of aviation.” M. Vijay, one of the students, said, “We intend to explore integrating the system with android systems in the future. It could allow us to control these vehicles by connecting it to our phones.” The unique aspect of the project is that it was designed for auto-pilot operations and programmed with the help of coordinates attached to Google’s map service, which it accurately adhered to and returned.

Source: Deccan Chronicle