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Indian state to use satellites to track terrorists

Tripura, India: Tripura, an Indian State, will soon use satellites to track terrorists in the state, director general of police K. Saleem Ali said. Tripura would be the third state in India, after Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand, to introduce the geo satellite imagery systems (GSIS) for curbing militancy.

“The satellite image would be as clearer as if taken from 10 feet above the ground. All district police chiefs would operate this new system to locate the activities of the separatist outfits,” Ali said.

He said that all the police stations of the state are being connected electronically for better coordination. “In the first phase, 22 of the 66 police stations would be linked,” the police chief said.

According to him, the state’s three-decade old terrorism is now in a “residual phase”. “We would flush out the entire militancy within the next few months and we have an action plan in this regard,” he stated. “We would soon introduce a new method to register FIRs through SMS. The SMS system would commence from January next year with the help of National Informatic Center,” he said.

Source: Hindustan Times