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Indian state to track leopards using RFID tech

Kashmir, India: Dachigam National Park, India, announced that it would track leopards through RFID collar. Through this way, it aims to track leopards’ activities and population. Speaking to NewsTrack, Wildlife researcher Athar Noor, said, “The collar will help detect leopards from a distance of two kilometres. We will be able to keep a track on them and determine their location. We will also get to know about their food pattern.”

Lauding the project, the warden of the Dachigam National Park, Imtiyaz Ahmed, said, “The collaring of leopards has taken place for the first time in the state. This is an ambitious plan, right now the most important task is to collar the leopards and record their movements, home range, and get information about their interaction with other animals as per the movements. Based on this information we assimilate comprehensive scientific data. Apart from its home range, we also gather information about the number of leopards present in this area comfortably.”

Ahmed observed that the method would also help to monitor the hunting pattern of the animal to ensure that the endangered Hangul stag population is not being affected in the area.

Forest authorities stated that the tracking of leopards would help in restricting them from encroaching into human habitat.

Source: NewsTrack