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Indian state to rope in private land surveyors

Mumbai, India: The Maharashtra State cabinet in India decided to give licenses to private land surveyors to carry out land survey in the state for boundary demarcation to help expedite pending cases. According to the decision, government-approved surveyors will be appointed in each district and trained for the job. After that, they will be empanelled in each district.
The educational qualification required for the surveyor, will be diploma in Civil Engineering or a surveyor’s diploma from ITI. A retired land surveyor from the government’s survey and land records department also will be eligible for permission.
Officials in the revenue department said candidates between the age of 21 and 65, without experience in land surveying, will have to undergo training for 45 days before being put on the job. 
Licensed surveyors will have to submit their reports to the Survey and Land Records Department. The concerned officials will approve the report and will have the right to serve notices, while licensed land surveyors will be authorised to carry out area correction.
The fee for boundary demarcation will be INR 1,000 for one plot up to 2 hectares and INR 500 per additional hectare. Out of the total fee, 80 per cent would go to the surveyor and 20 per cent to the Government, officials said.
The cabinet also approved setting up of a Forensic lab in Nagpur and creation of 65 new posts.
Source: Yahoo