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Indian state to monitor developmental projects via satellite data

India: Planning, monitoring and status of various development projects in the state will be available at the click of a mouse when the UP government acquires a 3D geospatial database high resolution satellite imagery system in about a year’s time. The project has been included in the schedule for new demands (SND) in the annual budget for 2013-14, which was presented by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who also holds the finance portfolio.

It will be launched with the support of the Centre’s Department of Science and Technology. The State Land Use Board, which is headed by the Chief Minister, will be the nodal department for implementing the project.

Under the project, a 3D model of the state will be developed with high resolution satellite images, which will cover every aspect such as forests, models of city and urban areas, infrastructure such as roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and government institutions. Even the traffic flow in cities will be covered. However, the images will not be available for public viewing for security reasons.

“In other words, the whole of Uttar Pradesh will be available on the computer screen,” said Mridula Singh, Additional Director of SLUB.

The 3D model will be put to various uses by the state government. First, the monitoring of development projects will become easy for the officials. At present, physical inspection of every project is quite cumbersome due to the enormous size of the state. It will save time and resources involved in sending a team and collecting reports.

Also, no one will be able to get away by sending a bogus report.

“The system will be useful for every department. They can get any information related to their work from us,” said Mridula Singh. Things like planning a new health centre or a primary school for a particular area will be easy as details about the area will be known. One can ascertain the volume of population which will use the services,” she said.

The system can also be put to use for real-time monitoring of illegal constructions. Even tax collection from properties will be easy as 3D model of every building will be available, leaving little scope for fudging. Agriculture management will also be done through the system as data about soil, vegetative indicators and crops will be available.

Source: Financial Express