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Indian state to map urban growth

Ranchi, India: Upset about unplanned growth of cities and subsequent problem faced by the government the Jharkhand State’s planning and development department in India decided to prepare a satellite map for its capital city Ranchi. It will be used to draw a new master plan of the city.
The radius of the area to be covered in the map will be 50 kilometres from the centre of the city. “After the strict stand of the Jharkhand High Court on anti-encroachment and unauthorised construction, there was a huge uproar in almost every place of the state especially in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Bokaro cities. Keeping this in mind, the department decided to get a satellite map of the state capital ready based on which it can prepare a master plan for the next 50 or 100 years,” said an officer of the department.
The satellite image will also be used to segregate the town into industrial, educational and residential areas. “It will also be kept in mind that the areas which will be demarcated for different purpose, especially for industrial and educational projects, displacement of people will be minimum there,” said the officer.
Planning and development secretary Avinash Kumar said, “Once we have a satellite map for the area of radius of 50 kilometres, I think we can plan for development of the city for 50-100 years depending on the need of the future population. We can have a proper development plan for places like Ormajhi or Bundu that are still growing and do not have basic infrastructure, which will meet the need of growing population even after 10 years.”
Source: TOI