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Indian state to map orchards using GPS

Patna, India: Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar state, India, directed the state’s agriculture department to carry out mapping of orchards using GPS, to grant various incentives and assistances to the farmers.

“GPS mapping of orchards is essential to reduce leakage of funds under various horticulture promotion schemes as it will help ascertain the area of orchards and number of trees to quantify eligible farmers to receive incentives and assistances,” Kumar observed.

“The state government is committed to rejuvenation of the orchards to help the farmers generate a regular source of income. A number of incentives had been launched including grant of INR 1000 per acre for tilling of orchards, distribution of quality saplings and other supplements to keep the trees healthy with long life.”

Stating that Bihar has two lakh hectare orchard and vast area for cultivation of vegetables, the Chief Minister said that if the policy makers, scientist and agriculture officials worked in coordination then it will be possible to bring a recipe from the state on the plate of every Indian in not so distant future.

Source: Business Standard