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Indian state to issue ID cards for agri land

Pune, India: The Maharashtra State Government in India is considering introducing land title cards for every farmer in the state, according to Balasaheb Thorat, Revenue and Khar Land Minister. The minister said that the card will provide detailed information about the land owned by the farmer and his family and also the history of ownership of the land till present day. It will work as an identification card (ID-card) for the land and

Satellite images will also be used before preparing the land title cards, informed a senior revenue department official. “The images will be compared with the maps available with the government to identify the free land, developed land and forest land among others. These images would save the labour work of officials.”

The state government has mooted the plan in view of the proposed Land Titling Bill, which is likely to be tabled in the coming session of Parliament. The Bill states that each piece of land in the country should be clearly identified with the history of the land. The information on land, its usage, current owner and proposed projects on it, if any, would help the government in forming policies as well as developmental plans.

Source: TOI