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Indian state to be mapped at 1:4000 scale

Bhubaneswar, India: The Orissa Space Application Centre (ORSAC) in India is considering developing a map at 1:4,000 scale to have a plot-level planning in the state. If adopted, it can be handy for urban planning bodies such as, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Cuttack Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Cuttack Development Authority in the Orissa State.

According to Amiya Kumar Mohapatra, chief executive of the centre, Maharashtra State in India was the first one to use GIS-based mapping at 1:4,000 scale to check claims over loss in sugarcane farming. He said, “Large-scale maps are good for detailed analysis. Therefore, we have done the pilot study on a 1:4,000 scale, so that detailing of individual infrastructure like a house, a bridge, a road, school, park and green cover can now be identified. It can have a greater potential for urban planning now as the BDA authorities have already decided to go for detailed planning or zonal development plan (ZDP).”

According a report published in The Telegraph, web-hosting of the detailed map in the small-scale format and data storage space needs extra efforts both at technology and investment level. As the space application centre aims to include planning for the entire state, the centre may need approximately INR 200 crore for the project.

“We have planned to submit a proposal to the state government in this regard. If it gets a go ahead from higher authorities, we can progress later. The mapping can also help to check land value assessment, property tax assessment, utility and facility provision for urban people, solid waste management, water supply, power distribution, telecommunication and overall application of the proposed ZDP,” Mohapatra added.

Apart from the urban use, the new digital database and mapping tool with 1:4,000 scale can also detect false claims in rural areas regarding flood, natural calamity, fire, irrigation potential, natural resources management, types of road laid and even proper transportation of rice for the poor.

The centre has created a web-based database on the natural resources of the state called Odisha Sampad, which provides details of rural resources through digital mapping.

Source: The Telegraph