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Indian state to adopt GIS for school planning

Tamil Nadu: The School Education Department (SED) of the Tamil Nadu State Government revealed plans to adopt the use of GIS to improve the management and decision-making capabilities of schools.

“Tamil Nadu will be the first state in India to upgrade its SED into an ‘E-SED’. This will happen when the GIS mapping is clubbed with the Education Management Information System (EMIS) which will provide a database of all children studying in government, state-aided and private schools,” said School Education Minister Vaigaichelvan, in an official statement.

In addition, GIS will integrate other relevant data and display these quickly and efficiently on to a map so as to help decision makers quickly visualise the current situation of schools in the state.

“By using GIS, it’s now easier to monitor and control school drop-out rates, track gender and social factors affecting schoolchildren,” Vaigaichelvan said.

Source: Future Gov