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Indian state mulls GIS-based emergency system

Ranchi, India: The department of disaster management in Jharkhand State, India, geared up to launch ‘Pushpak Sewa’, a 24×7 emergency ambulance service for victims of accident and disaster. While the department proposes to provide fully equipped ambulances enabled with GIS and GPS along with a toll-free number linked to state control room, interested parties entering into contract will have to provide manpower and ensure operation of the ambulances.

Acknowledging the fact that over three lakh emergencies occur globally everyday and over a 1,000 people are killed in Jharkhand because of delayed medical attention, the department has invited corporates, NGOs or interested individuals to operate the ambulance service on ‘no-profit-no-loss basis’.

Disaster management secretary M N Kerketta said the facility would be available in all 24 districts of the state to cater to road and rail accidents besides emergencies arising out of any other form of disaster or even natural medical emergency.

“A toll-free number will be linked to the service on which a caller can register his or her requirement of the emergency vehicle. The call will be recorded electronically at the state control room and messages will be sent to the ambulance at closest proximity to the spot of requirement,” said an official.

Source: TOI