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Indian state maps schools on GIS

Imphal, India: Manipur, an Indian state, successfully mapped schools located in remote areas on GIS, according to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India (GOI). The GIS mapping got technical support  from Mission of Geo-Spatial Application center, an agency of the GOI. With this map, Manipur has become the first state in India which has mapped every school on GIS.
Following the successful mapping of schools in Manipur, the Union Human Resource Development Minister has given consent to establish 335 primary schools and 158 upper primary schools, upgrading 200 EGS (educational guarantee schools) to primary Schools as well as recruitment of 2708 teachers. For this, an amount of INR 295 crores has been sanctioned during the current fiscal year.
After Manipur, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal states are also coming up with GIS-based school map. 
Since the implementation of the Right to Education Act in India which lays down that schools should be located within a specific distance from human settlement areas, the need for using GIS for mapping schools located in far off places was felt all the more.
The mapping of all the Government and aided Primary and Upper Primary schools was enabled after collecting the longitudes and latitudes of the schools through GPS.
GIS for school mapping for the first time in the world by France in 1963 .
Source: E-Pao