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Indian state looks towards g-governance


Bhopal, India: In a bid to spread awareness about geospatial technology at the local level in India, Geospatial Technology Caravan reached Bhopal, the capital city of India’s central state, Madhya Pradesh. Kailash Vijayvargiya, Minister of Commerce & Industries, Employment, Information Technology, Science and Technology, Public Undertakings, Horticulture & Food Processing, Rural Industries, inaugurated the event in Bhopal.

Vijayvargiya said that with development taking place in the field of science, challenges are also increasing. And, geospatial technology is one of the modern innovative tools, which is capable of dealing with all new challenges. He asked technology providers to show the ways to get rid of all these challenges. He also informed that the Madhya Pradesh state government has already embraced this technology. According to him, the forest department in the state has successfully used this technology. Now, the govt is keen to expand its usages in environment monitoring, better governance, betterment of tourism and all other public programmes.


Anurag Srivastava, OSD, Additional Secretary, DIT, Madhya Pradesh, observed that during the last one decade, there has been exponential growth in geospatial domain all over the world including in the state of Madhya Pradesh. He appreciated the work of NIC and the rural development department. He informed that the DIT is collaborating with all departments in the state to develop a centralised platform where one can get information about all the departments. Srivastava urged all departments to share whatever spatial and non-spatial data they have with the DIT and also showed eagerness to help them in accumulating spatial data.

Vivek Chitale, Technical Director, NIC, observed that this is the era of g-governance which is based-on spatial data. Subsequently, he explained how NIC is prominently using geospatial technology in different initiatives like GeoSearch, I-GeoApproach, I-GeoAmpere, GeoForest, SGSI, Mobile PDA-based GIS (mobile-based rural road management) and e-Gram Suvidha.

Earlier, Omar Farook Khatani, Joint Revenue Commissioner, Department of Land Records, Madhya Pradesh, said that geospatial technology has enabled the land department to solve most of the land related issues. Today, even a common man can get land related document instantly as land records have been digitised. 

The ten city Caravan started in Guwahati and has already covered seven cities which include Kolkata, Chandigarh, Patna, Jaipur, Chennai and Mumbai. Geospatial Media and Communication Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as GIS Development Pvt. Ltd.), in association with Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India, is organising this caravan. 

Source: Our Correspondent