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Indian state launches spatial data infrastructure project

India: Underlining the harmonisation of collection and reflection of real-time database essentially important for effective planning and better decision making, Chief Minister of J&K, Omar Abdullah highlighted the importance of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in a State like Jammu and Kashmir presenting mosaic of geographical diversity, remoteness of areas and hilly terrains.

“A real-time spatial database available to planners and decision making authorities would significantly help in improving governance and reaching out to people on development front according to their requirements and development needs in particular sectors”, he said and added that collection, storage and usage of data acquired through latest technological interventions and its harmonization in a holistic manner would serve as a king-pin in decision making and planning process.

Formally launching the State Spatial Data Infrastructure (SSDI) project and addressing the sensitisation-cum-demonstration workshop in this regard organised by the Department of Environment and Remote Sensing, the Chief Minister said that GIS mapping of social sectors like health, education, road communication, forest conservation, etc is now a modern concept of basing schemes and infrastructure development programmes on the data collected through this method.

The Chief Minister said that in a State like Jammu and Kashmir SSDI initiative to address forest denudation issues, construction plans in hilly-backward and remote areas, conservation of water bodies and protection of environment, is all the more essential and cost saving as the data collected and stored could be utilized by different departments in a harmonized manner without going for collecting the necessary information independently.

“The information so available would help the government to make decisions more effectively and based on real-time database. This system would also depict real need and relieve the decision making bodies to depend on needs perceived”, the Chief Minister said and added that SSDI would help in fine tuning the decisions of the government. He said the information available through SSDI would be easily understandable, real-time and help upgrade the quality of governance and quality of decision making.

Source: Ground Report