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Indian state launches spatial data infrastructure portal

Kerala, India: The Indian state of Kerala has launched its own spatial data infrastructure portal in a bid to promote the sharing and use of geospatial information among state agencies.

Dubbed as the Kerala spatial data infrastructure geoportal (KSDI Geoportal), the system allows users to share and access geo-referenced information related to political and administrative boundaries, state geography, demography, agro and socio economy, resources and infrastructure facilities with their attributes.

It serves as a common platform for geospatial information shared across state agencies, the academy, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, KSDI geo-portal is built on a service oriented architecture (SOA), by means of interoperable OGC-Compliant Web Services, which would allow users to seamlessly perform various spatial and non-spatial functions and analysis through the KSDI network and publish them.

With the system in place, state government agencies are able to confidently arrive at well-informed decisions because of their heightened situational awareness on pressing issues affecting the socio-economic and geo-political climate in the state.

“Through this venture, spatial data information for different domains such as infrastructure, traffic planning, resource availability, demographic status, socio-economic status, health and culture-related information etc., even up to cadastral scale will be within a mouse click away,” said Minister for Industries & IT, P K Kunhalikutty.

Source: Future Gov