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Indian state launches GIS-based grievance mgmt system

Ranchi, India: CyberSWIFT, an IT company, assisted Jharkhand state government in India to develop a GIS-based call centre. This innovative call centre, better known as the Jharkhand Grievance Management System (JGMS) is a platform for communicating citizens’ complaints against government bodies of the state. It is accessible at www.aapkacm.com.
According to the CyberSWIFT‘s press statement, the JGMS is a brainchild of Arjun Munda, Chief Minister of Jharkhand. One can reach JGMS by dialling +91-651-3059999, by email to [email protected], or lodging a complaint on the website ). The 24X7 call centre is so prepared that that it will register complaints in multiple languages like English, Hindi and other local dialects. The innovative GIS system helps identify the location of the incoming call and highlights the area where the call density is high. With the help of this system the Chief Minister can monitor the calls live and air his views as well. 
Source: CyberSWIFT