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Indian state launches aerial survey of revenue land

Bihar: Bihar government has launched an aerial survey of revenue land in the state. The survey, estimated to cost Rs 579 crore, would be completed by 2015 and thereafter, the state would have updated, computerised record of land holdings. Three private agencies have been engaged in the aerial survey work by using helicopters, which will cover 93,358.8 sq km of revenue land in the state by the year-end.

Under the plan, 32 revenue districts will be covered. The findings of the aerial survey would be ”corroborated” during the field survey for deciding ownership and boundaries of a land or property.

The existing land records are maintained on paper supported by cloth. According to principal secretary, revenue and land reforms department, C Ashokvardhan, the existing system of survey (called Cadastral survey) suffers from preservation, updating and retrieval problems.

Digital geo-positioning system is being used in the helicopters to photograph the land. After aerial survey, revised land maps would be prepared by comparing the findings with old land records. The survey would help provide a desktop solution to land and revenue problems, ensure availability of maps at the circle office level, complete land survey in lesser time with more accuracy and more transparency in the functioning of revenue and land reforms department.

Source: TOI