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Indian state introduces GIS for water management

Ranchi, India: Jharkhand became the first state in India to launch an online GIS for surface and underground water management. Satellite imagery, data compilation and projection of the findings as per geographical map of the state up to the level of blocks have been carried out by Jharkhand Space Application Centre (JSAC).

JSAC director A T Jeyaseelan said that the satellite information of water reserve would help the planners in ascertaining the actual volume of water available on the surface as well as beneath it up to a depth exceeding 80 metres.

“This information can be utilised in deciding the appropriate deep-boring sites and also prepare proper plan for construction of dams, check dams, small reservoirs which in turn can be of utility to the irrigation department, drinking water and sanitation department and also prepare water policy of the state in future,” he said.

Hailing the achievement of JSAC, Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Hemant Soren said that till date drinking water department had to rely on the dams of water resources department but given the elaborate information on ground and surface water available at the click of a mouse, the Drinking Water & Sanitation Department (DWSD) for itself could take up projects for smaller dams and make arrangement for providing drinking water facility.

Source: Times of India