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Indian state ignores RS survey’s report for nuke plant

Hyderabad, India: The Andhra Pradesh State Remote Sensing Agency, India, conducted a survey to develop a map which lists areas for 9500 mw Kovvada Nuclear Park (KNP) at Kovvada, India. As per the survey report, residents of five villages, including Kovvada, are falling under the main project area and need to be relocated. The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is scheduled to present its report by June 2012.

However, despite getting any environmental clearance for the project, the state government, in a bid to speed up the country’s largest nuclear park proposal, has already allowed land acquisition of 370 acre for the KNP Township. The Srikakulam collector, G. Venk-atrami Reddy, who was supposed to visit the Kudumkulam Power Plant towards the end of 2011, visited Tamil Nadu to study the process of land acquisition and its consequences.

“Farmers whose land will be acquired for the project settled for the promises of Congress leaders, including the Vizianagaram MP, B. Jhansi, making fisher-folk oppose the hazardous proposal,” said fisher folk leaders M. Jaggulu and Polisu.

Source: Deccan Chronicle