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Indian state govt to prepare soil nutrient map

Pune, India: Maharashtra State Government, India, will study the nutritional value of different soil types. The government aims to prepare a soil nutrient map which would act as the foundation for chalking out the state’s agriculture policy, said Pandurang Watharkar, director of planning and agriculture processing in the state agriculture department.

The map will enable users to check excess and unwanted use of fertilisers, which in turn will help conserve water. Indexing of soil nutrients in agricultural land will be carried out in Maharashtra over the next five years covering 40,000 villages.

“The Union government, through its Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, approved the project and sanctioned Rs 48 crore for Maharashtra. This would be the first such drive in the country where modern scientific methods will be applied for soil analysis, forming the base for future agricultural policies of the state,” Watharkar said.

Every year, the Union government spends Rs 80,000 crore on fertiliser subsidies. Many fertilisers and its ingredients are imported. The soil analysis will help prevent mindless use of fertilisers and reduce the import bill, he said.

The information thus collected will be displayed at government offices in all villages, to educate farmers about soil conservation and targeted fertiliser usage, he stated.

Source: TOI