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Indian state govt to map roads with GIS

Lucknow, India: Uttar Pradesh (UP) State Government is set to undertake the GIS mapping of the road network in the state. The Public Works Department (PWD) in the state has already completed a pilot project covering 21 of the 72 districts. The pilot was executed by Delhi-based firm Geoinfosys.

The GIS-based Road Information System will cover all roads, including the national highways, state highways, major districts roads and other roads. The system, which will provide the information related to physical position and attributes of the roads, would be available online for use, according to a government official.

The information would be updated annually. UPPWD conducts a survey of every road in state every year and collects information on 59 points, including location, length, width, depth, thickness of upper layer, smoothness, connectivity, traffic and roadside features.

The GIS-based road information system will enable people to find the shortest and best suitable route for any destination. It will also help the government in planning development works in the area.

The state has a 3.36 lakh km road network, which includes 6,684 kms of national highways, 7,857 km of state highways, 7,101 km of major district roads and 3,15,211km of rural and other roads. UPPWD will seek funds from the World Bank for GIS mapping of 51 districts in the state.

Source: Indian Express