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Indian state drafts policy for GIS mapping of roads

Lucknow, India: In India, Uttar Pradesh (UP) State Road Policy drafted by the Public Works Department. It includes Road Maintenance and Management System (RMMS), network masterplan, road mapping through GIS and field survey.

The RMMS and the Masterplan are expected to control the interference of politicians and other influential people in selection of roads for construction and repair. According to the Express India report, before introducing RMMS, a database of roads will be prepared through field survey and GIS mapping.

The final draft of the Road Policy — a revision of the State Road Policy 1998 — has been sent to the state government for approval. Meanwhile, Canada-based firm, Scott Wilson, has begun field survey in the state, collecting details of every road on 42 points including its condition, location, connectivity, traffic load, width, length, thickness of upper layer and its smoothness.

On the basis of the database, a Road Information System will be introduced, which will enable people to identify the shortest route to reach any destination.

The state has a 3.36-lakh km road network — including 6,684 km national highways, 7,857 km state highways, 7,101 km major district roads and 3,15,211 km rural and other department’s roads.

Source: Express India