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Indian state develops mobile GIS app for farmers

Coimbatore, India: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) in association with the Indian Institute of Technology Chennai, India, developed a mobile application to provide farm-specific agro-advisory services under the Rural Technology Business Incubator project. It is also known as e-Velanmai initiative.

Dr P. Murugesa Boopathi, Vice-Chancellor of TNAU, explained, “This project that is being implemented for providing farm-specific agro-advisory services is funded by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). In the pilot phase, we have collated database for 1,200 individual farmers. This is being further strengthened using the GPS and GIS and the data maintained at the central database at TNAU and IIT. Farmers would be able to get their issues resolved by contacting our scientists using their mobile.”

He also said that TNAU’s “Dynamic Market Information through Web and Mobile” service helped farmers in South India take prompt and meaningful decisions for marketing their produce by providing real-time market information. “We collect the market prices of 153 commodities from 13 major markets and uploaded the same. This site can be accessed by anyone. Besides making it available in a public domain, we send SMS to over 42,000 farmers, free of cost, daily. We are looking to provide holistic market information such as market trends, quality preference, demand and supply analysis for different produce in the coming months,” he added.

Boopathi informed that under the e-Velanmai initiative, 19 sub-basins across 14 districts in the Tamil Nadu State were covered under this project. Farmers take pictures of the affected parts of the plant and forward it to the experts at TNAU for advice through their mobile. Experts process the information and revert to the farmers in the shortest possible time. The number of farmers seeking such advice is on the rise.

Source: Business Line