Indian state CM promotes technology for good governance

Indian state CM promotes technology for good governance


India: Describing Internet as a “gamechanger”, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said politicians ought to use technology for bringing in good governance, accountability and transparency as well as reaching out to the people.

“Internet is a gamechanger…Common citizens (can) now directly engage in policy making process,” Modi said through video-conferencing at an event organised by Internet search giant Google in New Delhi.

He said Internet has empowered people and made communication with leaders and the government a two-way process.

Hailing new technology like 3D holographic projection which he had used recently during the Gujarat elections, the chief minister said today one can connect with the “dreams and aspirations of the people”.

Gujarat has used GIS to map forests and allocate land for hospitals, he said, adding that it is also the first state to use GIS for watershed management.

“We have e-gram and vishwa gram programmes through which we are connected to all villages,” Modi said. He claimed Gujarat used technology for dealing with disaster management due to which no life was lost during recent floods.

Gujarat, he said, is a step ahead in use of technology in elections as it has moved from use of EVMs to e-voting in municipal polls.

“Technology in itself is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how we harness it,” Modi said.

Coining a new equation, Modi said ”Indian Talent” plus ”Information Technology” is equal to ”India Tomorrow”.

Source: Hindustan Times