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Indian security forces discover ‘unknown hill’ using g-tech

Chhattisgarh, India: After careful studying of satellite images and weeks of planning, the Indian security forces ventured into the dense Abujhmad jungle, which has not been surveyed since the British. Abujhmad is also known as the ‘unknown hill’ straddling the two states of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.

As part of the operation, security forces had zoomed in on a map of the area with the help of Google Earth, on to a couple of structures they identified as a ‘naxal camp’. However, when the troops marched towards the ‘naxal camp’ they found instead a village with 15 to 20 thatched huts. The cluster of buildings the forces saw for the first time on Google Earth were actually homes of Muria tribals. Speaking to an Indian daily, S Elango, CRPF DIG (operations) said, “Nobody knew there was a village called Bodiguda.”

Bodiguda village was discovered for the first time since India’s Independence. The tribals of the village who have never seen or heard of electricity or water taps, schools or dispensaries, men or machines — have grown up believing the naxals are the government. The rebels took care of their daily needs and bought rice and medicines for them. The closest to civilisation is a larger village — or town — called Behramgarh, 29 km away, which also has a police station but the tribals of Bodiguda never ventured there.

Source: Hindustan Times