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Indian scientists find way to predict earthquake

US: A group of seismologists in India claimed to have found evidences that can predict earthquakes. The scientists have also come up with earthquake sensitive days for 2016 and claim that earthquake dates for January has already been validated.

In a study conducted by Prof Jeganathan Chockalingam of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi and two others have found that there are very clear evidences of planetary configuration creating hotspots of orbital perturbations which in-turn has some effect on Earth's orbital path which finally results in earthquakes.

Motivated by the Indian astrology and its hint about possible earthquake link with planets, Chockalingam and his team wanted to test whether there is any real link between these two events. They therefore started observing these events seriously post 2004 Tsunami which killed thousands of people to understand planetary configurations and major earthquakes.

The study claims that there are local gravitational interactions amongst bigger planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune which creates an invisible resultant gravity vectors (IRGV) which acts as imperceptible planetary force when an inner planet crosses them.

“Whenever Earth crossed these IRGVs invariably there were major earthquakes, and other inner planetary crossings as well showed similar results,” said the study published in the latest issue of the International Journal of Advancement in Remote Sensing, GIS and Geography.

The authors had visualised solar system space as a gravity lake having lot of gravity waves (big and minor just like ocean), and that every planet travels across these waves during their orbit around the Sun just like a ship travelling in the ocean. According to their assumption, these gravity waves (forces) can increase and decrease spatially and temporally.

Source: Indian Express