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Indian railways to create real-time train tracking system

New Delhi, India: The Indian Railways has scrapped its successful real-time train tracking system SIMRAN (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation) developed by IIT-Kanpur, and has decided to create a similar website on its own.

At a meeting of the Railway Board, in which IIT-Kanpur representatives were also present, Railways officials said the institute’s technology and services would not be required after September since CRIS, the Railways’ IT arm, would create a separate real-time train tracking website.

A spokesperson said the Indian Railways always planned to run its own system since SIMRAN was a trial that officially ended on September 30.

Sources said IIT Kanpur was earlier asked to redirect SIMRAN users to the existing railway website, trainenquiry.com, but the institute refused. Unlike SIMRAN, trainenquiry.com does not use satellite imagery.

The decision to remove IIT-Kanpur from the project was a sudden one since a section within the Railways had been lobbying to transfer the job to CRIS and Indian Railways Project Management Unit, added sources.

Source: Indian Express