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Indian officials inconsistent in using GPS tech

Daltonganj, India: Under Integrated Action Plan (IAP) and MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) schemes, government officials in Palamu district, India, skipped using GPS devices to measure coordinates of sites, Times of India reported.
According to one of the district administrative officials, there are instances where the sites selected are changed just when the work/construction starts. The case of Osaney bridge near Kechki which in torrential rain suffered a huge destruction is a classic example.”
The team of engineers that reached at the site after this destruction is reported to have found fault with the site of the bridge which could not tolerate the water impact of the river Ouranga and got destroyed. “If the engineers and contractors had followed the rule, the bridge would have been there,” said another official.
However, IAS officer Amitabh Kaushal, who has worked as deputy commissioner of Palamu and is now posted in the same capacity in Ramgagh, said, “The GPS is very easy to handle. I have asked the engineer/BDO of the block to use it. These officers reach the site of scheme and co-ordinate longitude and latitude of the site/location. Once it is done, there is hardly any chance of getting anyone replacing it or changing it (site) as then it will be a different longitude and latitude.”
Asked about its utility, Kaushal, who is using the GPS mode in the district, said, “With longitude and latitude in hand, no unscrupulous element can dare change the site and thus lots of corrupt practices also die out with no changing of the site.”
Source: Times of India