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Indian military equipped with Sarantel GPS antenna

Encore Software of Bangalore in India is incorporating U.K. based company Sarantel’s GeoHelix GPS antenna in its new Saathi PDA for the Indian Army. The Sarantel GPS antenna ensures that every Indian soldier with a Saathi has optimum GPS reception across all environments and locations. The Saathi is a robust tactical GPS enabled PDA with integrated radio and a customised GIS application for displaying military maps and location of other devices.

Weighing 875 grams, the Saathi can easily fit into a soldier’s palm and also has a remotely operated self-destruction and activation feature for preventing misuse by unauthorised people. Encore Software integrated Sarantel’s high performance miniature GPS antenna in the Saathi to ensure soldiers have stable GPS reception in unstable conditions i.e near people or other electronics in the radio. While conventional antennas de-tune and become inefficient when in contact with RF-absorbing materials like the soldier’s hand or head, Sarantel’s antennas stay on frequency regardless of how they are used.