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Indian IT minister emphasises need for GIS in e-gov

Union minister for communications and information technology, Dayanidhi Maran emphasised on the use of GIS as essential part of e-governance initiatives to be adopted by various city municipalities. The minister was adressing a national seminar on “e-Governance In Municipalities”.

Talking about e-governance initiatives, he emphasised that adoption of e-governance by states should not be forced upon them. In fact, the states should adopt them willingly. “We are trying to create a standard uniform platform for exchange of information for enabling e-governance. This is why I suggest that geographical information systems (GIS) should be used in urban area administration,” he said.

The department of information technology (DIT) is looking at organising an e-governance conference by mid next year. “This will be another step towards adoption of e-governance, as it will lead to exchange in information and knowledge,” he said.

Mr Maran said that a number of municipal corporations, particularly in the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have successfully implemented e-governance programmes.

He said that an e-governance action plan has been included in the top 10 priorities of his ministry.

Several states have implemented e-governance projects successfully, like Karnataka has implemented land records projects, Andhra Pradesh implemented common service centres, etc. “We need not reinvent the wheel in such cases,” he said.