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Indian institute strengthens GIS capabilities

India: The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) has come up with a short-term course on GIS focusing on “Working with Digital Maps-Leveraging the power of GIS”. The course aims to equip the learners with essentials of mapping, offering insights and hands-on exposure to working with various free-and-open-source mapping applications.

The four-day course will be held from February 21 to 24 at the IIHS City Campus, Bangalore. The final day of the course will include a session on project work (optional), through which the course faculty will be helping participants to work on their own GIS projects.

The participants will get an opportunity to use/develop mash-ups based on popular web-based GIS applications like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, etc. Individuals with background in architecture, planning, engineering, economics, finance, sociology, anthropology, geography, political science, environmental sciences, social work and law and management will benefit from the course.

Source: Deccan Herald