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Indian institute develops cost effective virtual mapping tech

India: Replacing the costly laser technology for virtual mapping of any location or structure, the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R), has come up with a technological solution to 3D virtual mapping by using photogrammetry for the first time in the country. This is many times cheaper than the less-available laser technology.

The institute has now uploaded the sample of its work titled ”3D model IIT civil org”, a 3D model of the department of civil engineering and its surroundings, on YouTube, to get comments from industry and the general public.

According to the inventor, this technology will help any civil administration authority to mark the existing illegal encroachments on roads, in markets or other places in an effective way, with precision and accuracy to determine the exact area of that site and structure.

“In our sample work (uploaded on YouTube), we have covered every minute detail of complete premises of civil engineering department and its surroundings as it appears from outside, as well as an aerial view. Next, we will work on the local Civil Lines market so that we may help the administration by marking encroachments in the market,” said Kamal Jain, expert of digital photogrammetry and an associate professor in the civil engineering department.

Jain and his team reportedly took over 500 photographs from a close range camera from various angles to develop their sample. Though such work could have been executed through laser technology, (which in India is available in just few institutes, including IIT-Kanpur and some business organisations), the sample work would have cost more than INR 1 core, whereas the institute has developed this technology using its own resources, for just a few lakh.

“We have developed calibrated cameras instead of laser sensors, using photogrammetry methods that present an excellent photo-realistic visual experience. This type of cost effective technological solution, much better than any laser technology, has been developed for the first time in the country. Our technology is available in either ”ready to sell mode” or by way of consultancy,” said Jain.

Source: HT