Indian hockey goes high-tech

Indian hockey goes high-tech


India: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to monitor players’ performance is being used for the first time by Indian hockey team. Developed by GPSports, the device, which is being used by renowned football teams including Chelsea, Juventus and Real Madrid, helps track the players’ agility, acceleration, speed, endurance and heart rate, besides helping decide on the maximum workload for individual players.

It took some time for the players — and the team staff, including coaches Harendra Singh and Jose Brasa — to get used to it. Brasa welcomed the latest addition to the team technology but said it would have been more useful had it come earlier. “This is a nice system but it has come too late. It can be used for the future but it would be unfair to expect this system to produce results or have any drastic impact on the team performance at the Asian Games, since we do not have too much time to assess the results,” he said. Brasa also added that though the team had asked for 30 units, they got only 15.

The players, too, were open to the technology. Arjun Halappa, one of the players to test the system, said, “Training is fine but even while playing with it on doesn’t make any difference. It’s too small and light. And if it helps give real-time results and feedback to the players, it’s great,” he said. Captain Rajpal Singh also welcomed the system, saying it will help the players assess their fitness much better and accurately, helping develop optimum fitness.

Source: Indian Express