Indian firms target high value outsourcing

Indian firms target high value outsourcing


Bangalore, India: Beginning with just simple voice based outsourcing, Indian firms are currently doing high value outsourcing work for global companies. For example, Inverter maker Luminous has got into the high value outsourcing segment by doing specialised geo-spatial cartography and photogrammetry work for large engineering companies in Europe, according to The Economic Times report.

European companies require Luminous’ services in infrastructure development, flood zoning, floodwater draining as well as in telecom network planning. “We analyse maps in a 3D environment. The data comes from the customer and since it is a multi-layered data, there is a lot of intelligence we can put into it,” said Rakesh Malhotra, CEO of Luminous. He claimed that they make at least eight times more revenue doing this kind of work compared to regular outsourcing.

Similarly, Quatrro BPO Solutions, which does predictive analysis for risk and fraud in financial transactions including credit cards for multiple banks in the US. Quatrro staffs pick up transactions for analysis based on predetermined criteria and using historic data of the users, predict if there is any fraud in the transaction. “This is not only about labour arbitrage,” says Raman Roy, Chairman and Managing Director of Quatrro BPO Solutions.

Unlike earlier, when companies outsourced entire processes to India, in this kind of high-end work, we create incremental capacity for the client. “It is no more about replacing people,” said Roy pointing out that the revenue potential here is more than three times of the regular BPO work.

Source: The Economic Times