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Indian firm brings an all-in-one tracking solution

Citadel Health Limited, a software products company of Hyderabad, has developed a software solution called V-Track, a GIS-GPS-GSM based vehicle tracking solution, which not only helps sending location information about the vehicles but also the duration of travel, speed, distance from the originating location and in cases any eventuality on a real-time basis.

Company officials said V-Track is ideal for call centre and business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, hospitals, which run mobile healthcare services, taxi operators that run a fleet of vehicles, police department, parcel services, courier companies, among others. V-Track, comes with an automatic vehicle tracking system with high precision interactive digital maps of various cities that aid navigation, routing, mapping landmarks and real-time tracking, said Citadel Health head S Naveen Chander.

V-Track is compatible with multiple mobile connectivity standards and is seamlessly integrated with GSM (global system for mobile communications), GPRS (general packet radio service) and SMS (short messaging services)-based mobile networks.

The product displays on the PC the location and heading speed of the vehicles on a real-time basis. The display consists of an icon overlaid on a map, which can be zoomed down to the street level. The software used on the PC is the V-Track Street Atlas 1.0, which has built-in moving map display capability, designed to work GPS (global positioning system) data input signals, he said.

Some of the other features of V-Track include optimial routing system, GIS map of the concerned city, route planning between addresses, integrated with employee ID, address and photograph, CLI and help desk integration, tele address support to drivers and GPS metering system, he said further.