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Indian Defence inks deal with Russia on Glonass

Moscow, Russia: An Indian defence team of scientists and defence brass inked an agreement with Russia for receiving precision signals from Glonass, Russian constellation of navigation satellites. These signals will allow missiles, including those fired from nuclear submarine Chakra, to strike within half a metre of distant targets. 
“The Russians, for a cost, have agreed to give us precision signals. We will be able to use weapons in a better manner,” said an Indian official to The Hindu.
The Indian security establishment had set its sights on Glonass after it conducted a post-mortem of the US invasion of Iraq. It found that the US had blocked GPS signals to Iraq and then inserted erroneous signals that left Saddam’s generals virtually blind as far as beyond visual range and sighting and targeting was concerned. “We found that the Iraqi Army got misled and weapons went awry,” added the official.
The issue of ensuring autonomy and choice in strategic communications found expression in the former Army Chief and Director-General of Military Intelligence, General S. Padmanabhan’s post-retirement book, The writing on the wall – India Checkmates America 2017.
The General foresaw a situation, which has also been a subject of drawing board war games, in which the US attacked India over Kashmir. Such a scenario is plausible, he said, because of the “propensity of the US to act unilaterally against other countries in disregard of the United Nations.” He advocated need for India to be prepared to meet “aggression by any developed country, including the USA”
The official stressed that Glonass is still in the making and a pact on the civilian side is still to be arrived at. But India’s quest for strategic autonomy in advanced technology would be served with the pact on precision signals from Glonass.
Source:The Hindu