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Indian cops set up Call-Centres to track criminals

A modern control room has been set up in the office of Commissioner of Police at Chennai, India to aid police in tracking criminals. The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) in coordination with HCL Technologies has set up the project, taking the benefits of a call centre. Set up at a cost of Rs 1.27 crore, the technology aims to reduce the time taken to respond to a complaint, thereby improving the police force’s efficiency. The 10-seat exchange-based contact centre with nine operators in the control room is divided under North, Central and South Chennai zones.

The names of the agents operating on a particular shift is stored on a computer and when an individual makes a call to register a complaint, the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) system ensures that it is transferred to the agent who came in first. The BSNL telephone directory stored in the database of the computer also automatically shows the location of the call made.

When the agent identifies the location, he transfers the call to the VHF (Very High Frequency) operator in charge of the respective zone from where the call came in. The operator, then, tracks the patrol vehicle closest to the crime scene using GPS software. Besides this, the call centre also has a voice logger facility, which records every conversation, which takes place between the public and the agent, which the Chennai wants to keep for future as court evidence.

Earlier, the Tamil Nadu government had implemented an e-beat system at 23 divisions in the south zone, which helps to monitor the movement of the police constables.

By: Shilpi Das