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Indian civic body to track trees using GNSS tech

Mumbai, India: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) Tree Authority is considering using GNSS technology to keep a track on all trees in Mumbai, India, and its suburbs. The civic body hopes that once they know coordinates of all trees, it will become easier to track their growth and identify if any have been illegally chopped.

A budget of INR 6 crore has been allocated for this project. Officials from the Authority will also note details of trees, right from identifying its biological name to minute details such as girth, height and life expectancy and upload them on their server. The trees’ latest photographs will also be uploaded, which will help the officials in identifying them.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Aseem Gupta said, “The forthcoming tree census will have a detailed perspective. Tentatively, it will start on June 5, which is the World Environment Day, and will take around eight months to be completed.”

The data that the new census will collect will provide plethora of information to nature lovers. For example, the census will include details on native and exotic categories of trees present in the city. It will also reflect which trees attract more birds. One of the most interesting aspects of the study will be that every tree’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide will also be recorded.

The census will also reflect the longitude and latitude of the roads next to the trees. Such data would help BMC in identifying trees which will be affected during road widening projects, said Gupta. “This will help protect more trees and identify how many more need to be planted,” he added.

Source: Mumbai Mirror