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Indian city to use GIS for property mapping

City of AhmedabadIndia: The city of Ahmedabad’s Municipal Corporation (AMC), is planning to create an elaborate map of all the properties of the city. AMC will use GIS technology for mapping and has invited proposals from the interested parties for carrying out a survey in the city as well as creation of the map. The project will help in creating a digital base-map of the city which will have a record of all properties as well as municipal services like drainage lines, water network, man-holes, streetlights and buildings and other attributes. As part of GIS mapping, each property will be given a unique number for identification in the map.

“Mapping of properties will help a lot for property tax collection as well as for administrative purpose. With this, we can find out which area has more population density. This information can help in arranging municipal services like hospitals, water network lines, drainage lines, etc. There are many properties which figure as residential units in AMC records, but are in fact commercial. Identification of such units can increase the property tax collection, significantly. We can also find out about defaulters,” said Yatindra Nayak, Manager, AMC’s e-governance department. The entire project will be carried out at a cost of Rs 8-10crore out of which Rs 2crore will be funded by the central government through Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM).

Source: DNA