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Indian city to track illegal colonies via satellite

Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad Development Authority plans to introduce a project that will enable the agency to track all construction activity in the city through satellite imagery. The proposal, which is currently in the pre-contract phase, is called ”auto detection of construction through satellite imagery” and is expected to cost more than Rs 10 crore.

Senior GDA officials said a need for the project was felt due the increase in illegal colonies in Ghaziabad.

“The GDA cannot have eyes and ears everywhere. Illegal constructions are built, and years later, complaints against their existence are brought to us. When we try and take action, there is a law and order situation. Therefore, it was felt that the solution was to stop these illegal constructions right at the beginning,” an official said.

Senior officials said under the system, all construction will be monitored through satellite images taken once a month. “We have invited companies to bid for the project. They will arrange the satellite imagery of the city once a month. That data will be analysed, and if any infractions are seen, information will be forwarded to the competent authority, including police, immediately. They will take appropriate action,” a senior official said.

The project will use two separate information systems, officials said. “The first is GIS, which captures, analyses and presents data captured geographically. The second is Management Information System (MIS), which manages components of the system including hardware, software and data analysis procedures. The MIS is basically used to analyse operational activities such as the flow of information gathered to other departments such as Land or Revenue departments,” an official said.

Source: Indian Express