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Indian city to track garbage vans via GPS device

Mumbai, India: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will undertake a pilot project of the newly adapted technology of geo-tagging all garbage collection points in the city. Geo-tagging will help the BMC keep a close check on the collection process.

The pilot project will be undertaken in Dadar and Goregaon. Once the system is in place in these two wards, it will be extended to all the other wards.

The automation in the solid waste management (SWM) has been done on the lines of the pothole-tracking system. Citizens would be allowed to click pictures of uncollected garbage and upload them online. The tracking system is based on the GPS device that has been fitted at all the garbage collection points. Geo-fencing will be done around all the bins so that civic officials, who monitor the website, can check whether a collection vehicle has reached the point and the timings of its entry and exit will be noted. “This will check the collection vehicle”s efficiency and also keep a track of the trips made by the contractor,” said a civic official.

The BMC aims to improve the garbage management system, which has been severely criticised on several occasions.

At present, the civic body uses an obsolete system, whereby officials of the solid waste management department maintain a logbook. The logbook contains details like the number of rounds made by a particular collection truck and its timings. Because of its nature, the system is susceptible to manipulation.

Source: TOI