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Indian city to map ground water to ensure sustainability

Jaipur, India: The Central Ground Water Board will map water table five times deeper, even to village level, to stop water table depletion in areas that are in the danger zones. It will inform quality and quantity of water in a particular village. Experts say this is a positive step towards getting clean drinking water to every common man in the state, even in villages.

Water Expert MS Rathore says, “The Central Ground Water Board and State Water Department has joined hands to bring out a comprehensive water policy in 2013 in the state. This study will identify the villages where water is clean or unfit for human consumption and where the water table has gone down so that the state can provide clean water to these areas and also stop projects that are likely to reduce the water table more.”

The Central Ground Water Board is going to map and study ground water level in 1:50,000 ratio in 2013. This will enable the state water department to bring more precision in its working. Till now the ground water mapping had been done in 1:250,000 ratio.

PK Parchure, Regional Director of Central Ground Water Board, western region said, “The planning commission has decided on enhancing precision in detecting ground water table. In 2013, this study will start and will go deeper to villages with a mapping ratio of 1:50000.”

Source: Daily Bhaskar