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Indian city to be digitally mapped

Coimbatore, India

Come May, and properties in Coimbatore in Indian state of Tamil Nadu will not only have door numbers, but each building will also get a digital number. The Coimbatore corporation is carrying out digital mapping of the city and will assign a digital number to each of the 200,000 properties. About 105.6 sq km of the city, excluding the suburbs, will be mapped. The digital mapping of 50 wards has already been completed.

According to corporation commission Anshul Mishra, “When the map is ready, each property will be given a unique GIS or digital number. This will help government agencies plan and execute civic and development work better. Residents can use this number to go online and check if their property has been correctly taxed. This reduces chances of corruption. The mapping will help us track the exact property tax that the landlord has to pay. We lose a lot of revenue due to under-valued properties,” he added.

Digital mapping can also be used by the corporation officials to pinpoint overflowing drains and leaking water pipelines.

The utility mapping project was conceived by the Planning Commission to create large-scale digital maps of service networks using GIS. A GIS analyses and displays all information based on location such as roads, street lights, water and sewer lines and electricity cables, and creates a database with all this information.

When the digital map is ready, officials will be able to view and monitor the water supply lines, drainage systems, street lights and stormwater drains on their computers. Once the map is uploaded on the Internet, residents will be able access property tax assessment details of their homes and details of other basic services.

Source: The Times of India