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Indian city planners earmark GBP 2.9m

Pune, India: Civic leaders in Pune – one of India’s fastest-growing cities have set aside around GBP 2.9 million in their draft budget to buy brand new surveying equipment in order to makes sure the development and mapping of the city happens as efficiently as possible.

The municipal commissioner of Pune, Mahesh Zagade, has said the money will be spent on total stations and the preparation of GIS-based land use maps. Announcing the funding and the creation of a post of Director of Town Planning, Zagade said it was an essential piece of investment to ensure the continued success of the city, which is the eight largest in India.

“Town planning is the most important part of any city and it needs trained officials,” he said. “The scarcest commodity today is land, which also has a very high cost, therefore land use has to be done properly,” he said.

Zagade said that he took inspiration for the investment in town planning from Singapore, which has a 300-strong team of municipally employed planners who give the city state its famed efficiency. He explained that the GIS server and software will help maintain, store and update the critical base-maps of the city, while the total stations will accurately mark the new construction and roads on the maps.

Source: www.surveyequipment.com