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Indian city of Hyderabad to use drones for mapping urban properties

India: The Indian city of Hyderabad’sGreater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has sent a proposal to conduct a GIS mapping survey via drones or camera mounted on a UAV.

The Municipal Corporation plans to use this new technology to map urban properties and other conveniences in the town. The mapping project is estimated to make an important impression on unauthorized constructions and illegal infringement.

Through this drone survey, GHMC has prepared a base map for the city. These drones would track city roads, drains, street lights and would also act against all those who are avoiding taxes by analyzing their property.

This technology might be used for the first time in Hyderabad, other cities that have already implemented this mapping survey for urban properties and other facilities are Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

GHMC officials told The New Indian Express, the corporation has decided to have a comprehensive base map for the city, which would be prepared by capturing the details either through drones or by a camera mounted aircraft. “The drone survey would take a few months, whereas aerial mapping through a camera mounted aircraft would just take a few days.  However using aircraft for capturing data, requires a series of security permissions from various government agencies, from both Central and State governments, including the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation,” GHMC officials said. 

Talking about the new drone survey, the officials added that drone survey will be able to get high-resolution images within 5 cm, whereas aircraft will get images with an accuracy within 10 cm. “The 3D model will provide the exact details on an area or a building. Further, this survey will help in finding the properties which are not yet assessed. Some parties knowingly or unknowingly have recorded the area of property wrongly, and this will help in detecting such things. Once a map is prepared, it will have to be cleared by the Defence Ministry,” officials said.