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Indian city assigns PID numbers using GIS

Bangalore, India: The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) assigned unique property identification (PID) numbers—a combination of ward, street and property numbers which are used to identify properties—to 16,19,367 properties through GIS. The public can use the information while assessing value of property tax they have to pay.

Earlier, the BBMP initiated e-governance to create a property tax payment and authentication system. Before the creation of BBMP, different systems were prevailing for levying property tax in city municipal councils (CMCs) and panchayats. The BBMP resorted to GIS as it wanted to adopt a uniform policy throughout its jurisdiction to identify properties to levy tax.

To have accurate GIS information, data is organised according to zones and wards. Streets are classified as major or ward roads. Street naming and numbering will help revenue department identify and assess properties and people locate addresses.

Through assessing properties and assigning PID, BBMP has also created an accurate demand collection and balance (DCB) register. DCB data, along with GIS, is available for each property or street or ward in real time.

Source: DNA