Indian city adopts 3D GIS technology for town planning

Indian city adopts 3D GIS technology for town planning


India: Mysore Urban Development Authority (Muda) is going hi-tech by adopting 3D GIS technology, a first by any Indian city.

Muda is establishing GIS using high-resolution-satellite images (of 0.6m resolution) and ground surveys with the incorporation of Muda data by geo-tagging. The remote-sensing centre of the IT department (Karnataka) will help the urban body in the project.

The technology will come in handy for the urban body as it can analyse property details at the click of a mouse. It will also help the authorities track buildings and projects, growth of the city, change in building plan, update property records and track the changes over time, and monitor property tax and revenue collection.

This apart, the technology can also be used to facilitate rescue, emergency and civil defence operations, monitor traffic, security planning and management.

The project will be taken up in two phases. First, a prototype project will be developed, after which the utility of 3D GIS be checked. In the second phase, the project will be extended to the entire city using many applications on Muda GIS portal.

3D GIS is a new technology which provides 3D images of buildings and creates near-real 360-degree visualization of structures. It helps in the counting of floors and in precise estimation of floor space.

According to Muda authorities, about 5,000-plus major and important cities in the world, including those in the US and Europe, have adopted the technology. Many are shifting from traditional 2D-GIS to 3D-GIS, and the demand for the latter is growing rapidly. But for Delhi, no other Indian city has tried to implement the project.

Source: TOI