Home Business Awards Indian boy bags award for ‘Standalone GPS System’

Indian boy bags award for ‘Standalone GPS System’

India: A Class IX student, Sanat Anand, of Welham Boys” School, Dehradun, was honoured with the prestigious Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Innovation Award for School Children-2011 for his model ”Standalone GPS System”. Sanat hails from the state of Bihar.

Sanat”s innovation is to remove external dependence from the navigation system, i.e. GPS satellite. His system is based on a more permanent entity, the earth. It does not require any input from any external medium or device and provides good navigation in even geographically remote areas, shadows, in dense forests and in the sea also. Not only that, while his device could neither be traced nor jammed, it does not require high economic and technological inputs from satellites. Sanat”s device uses only rotation of the earth and magnetic field of the Earth for its operation.

On the basis of his invention, a leading school of the US, The Wasatch Academy, has offered him admission to science stream in class XI. The academy has also offered full scholarship, which includes tuition and boarding charges to the tune of USD 48,000 per annum.

Source: TOI