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Indian archaeologists on treasure hunt!

Hyderabad, India: Andhra Pradesh Archaeology Department, India, is considering using state-of-the-art scientific equipments to locate the tunnel, near Vidyaranya School in Hyderabad city, suspected to contain hidden treasure.

The equipments include ground scanners, earth imagers, long-range gold detectors and gradiometers for electromagnetic and acoustical feedback. For this, it has sought the help of the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) and the Geological Survey of India. The archaeology department might also seek help from National Remote Sensing Centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Dr P. Channa Reddy, Director of archaeology and museums, stated, “We are not going to leave the excavation midway. We will utilise modern technology to verify the presence of treasure. We have earlier found tunnels with empty iron chests and almirahs, which indicate the presence of treasure. The modern equipment will help us to find the tunnel, if it is there.”

Source: Deccan Chronicle